Starting the 2020 planning

Well, 2020 seemed far away, but we are already in September. For a few weeks now, our planning for camping has started and some bookings are already on the calendar.

The year will kick off in April with the Ocean Lake Family Campground in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. This year we had been to Pirateland and wanted to try another location. Are we going to combine this visit to Myrtle Beach with another stop in Virginia Beach? This remains an idea of the most interesting.

In June we will participate in the 2nd Canadian Grand Design RV Rally at the Barrie KOA Holiday in Ontario. This will be our first experience in a caravan owner rally of the Grand Design company. I think it will not be our only time either. If I look at the different comments in the Facebook group, it’s quite an experience.

For July, we start with the Camper’s Halloween at Domaine du Lac Cristal. For next year, this will be our only visit to this place. It’s not that we do not like the place, but simply that we have several other activities planned for 2020. Thereafter it’s direction South Florida to the Hollywood KOA. Yes, it’ll be hot in July in South Florida, but for us it’s still the best time to go.

We still have several reservations to make, but it’s started.

Our Volkswagen Touareg will be in front of the trailer for another season. Is this the best vehicle to do the job? It is difficult to formulate a precise answer. Yes, it does the job with a quite reasonable consumption considering the load to drag. The Touareg is simply a beast and probably one of the best SUV in the full-size SUV category. With his frame made like several pickups, he is able to do the job. With the Equal-i-zer E4 weight distribution system and the Curt ECHO Mobile brake control system, we have no worries.

Many people in a certain group of Facebook are making unsightly comments about our equipment just like they do for others who also have SUVs in front of their tents or trailers. I think the vast majority of these so-called specialists have never driven real SUVs in their lives.

But, are we going to change our vehicle eventually? The answer is yes. Not because it’s not able to do the job properly or safely, but because our needs will change. As we think more and more we will be traveling longer distances and for longer at a time, we will need more equipment (30 lb propane tanks, solar panels, generator, fresh water supply, etc.). With all that extra weight, it would not make sense to overload the back of the Touareg.

If you have noticed our selection of camping for 2019 and 2020, you may have seen that we have some KOA in our list. Quite honestly, we like this chain with their levels of quality and service offered. Yes, the price is a bit higher than at other places, but with the annual membership card you are entitled to 10% off in addition to earning points for future discounts.

So, 2019 is coming to an end for camping. We still have a weekend planned for the long weekend of the Canadian Thanksgiving at Moose Hillock Camping Resort in New York State.

On this, have a happy end of camping season.

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