Smoked Prime Rib Roast will be the crowning glory of any table. Never underestimate the power of a perfectly roasted hunk of beef. I infuse this beautiful cut with flavor by slow smoking before finishing with a sear for that beautiful exterior crust that will have people fighting for the end piece. Put your friendly butcher to good use by having them slice the roast off of the bone and tie it back on for you. I like to keep the ribs for myself and have a little meat treat while I’m slicing the rest of the roast for my guests!  Slow smoked for amazing flavor and then flash roasted for a rich exterior crust, my method ensures perfect results every time!

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This Prime Rib on the Grill is tender, juicy, and the ideal dinner to serve during the holidays. It’s gorgeously seasoned, and cooked to perfection. This post is sponsored by The Home Depot to help you prepare for holiday dinner cooked on your grill.

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